Competitive Companies

Competitive Companies


Schedule for September 18th, 2017-June 16th, 2018

Competitive Company Hip Hop

Technique         Tuesday   7:00-7:30pm     Studio A   Mr. Marty  
Technique         Thursday   7:00-7:30pm     Studio B   Mr. Marty
Choreography   1***      Tuesday   6:00-6:30pm       Studio A   Mr. Marty
Choreography 2***      Tuesday   6:30-7:00pm       Studio A   Mr. Marty
Choreography   3***      Tuesday   7:30-8:00pm     Studio A   Mr. Marty
Choreography   4***      Thursday   7:30-8:00pm     Studio B   Mr. Marty
Choreography (Primary Co)  Thursday   6:00-7:00pm     Studio B   Mr. Marty
  ** Hip Hop Technique class required on each day of Choreography.
***Saturdays Rehearsals will be held specifically for Blocking purposes at the Downtown location.

Competitive Company Lyrical/Contemporary/Jazz

Technique                 Monday   5:30-6:30pm starting In October, dancers will be split up into smaller Technique groups  
Choreography Block       Monday   6:30-8:00/8:30pm   For the month of October, dancers who are in “money” stay until 8:30pm. All other dancers are finished at 8:00pm
“Angel by the wings”.    Wednesdays 7-8pm Miss Braelyn.
** One LCJ Technique Group & a minimum of two Ballet classes per week required.

Competitive Company Tap

Technique         Wednesday   3:15-4:15pm     Studio B   Miss Kelsey
Choreography         Wednesday   4:15-5:00pm     Studio B   Miss Kelsey
**Tap Technique class required & one Ballet, Hip Hop, Lyrical/Contemporary, or Jazz class required.

Prep Teams & Performance Team

Prep Team Lyrical/Contemporary/Jazz

Monday   6:00-7:00pm     Studio A     w/Miss Gabrielle
**Additional Ballet, Lyrical/Contemporary, or Jazz Class Required.

Prep Team Tap
Wednesday   5:00-6:00pm     Studio B     Miss Kelsey


Traveling Troupeā€¦
Every four years, we take a group of dancers (approximately 25-30 dancers) on a Studio Trip. In 2014 we participated in the Disney Youth Program for Performing Arts in Orlando, Florida. Dancers involved took part in 1-2 workshops taught by Disney Cast Members, and performed our Traveling Show on the Downtown Disney Main Stage in front of a huge crowd. And of course, we had park hopper passes to have fun in the parks! Four years prior to that, we attended the same program in Disneyland.

The 2018 Studio Trip is still being planned, and if we have enough participants, we will begin learning our traveling show in the Fall of 2017, for travel in the Summer of 2018. This will be open to any dancers in the Competitive, or Prep team programs. Families are encouraged to attend.